When the humidity and condensation kicks in, with the cooler weather outside and trying to keep everyone and everything warm inside, this is when proper home ventilation is essential to:

  • Reduce condensation and mould
  • Avoid unnecessary damage to home and health (damp walls - yuck!)
  • Reduce pollutants in the air
  • Remove harmful gases, and Creating healthier homes (and even less trips to the doctor!)

A key to a healthy, comfortable home is ventilation. The use of a Smart Vent Home Ventilation system can keep a home's indoor air quality from becoming too humid, stale, dusty, or mildew ridden.

Fresh air in your home provides a healthy environment to live in. It reduces the chance of being infected by viruses, mould problems, respiratory problems, smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation and water damage to your home.

Ask us about SmartVent - a customised home ventilation system to help you control humidity and temperature levels to reduce condensation.

We are a SmartVent certified installer.

Laser Electrical Motueka can take care of all Smartvent home ventilation systems, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Keep your family and home warm and healthy this autumn/winter season!

Interested to find out if SmartVent is right for you? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.